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Times of India

Iravilum Pakalilum Odiyan trailer gives feel for the haunting myth 

Article on Odiyan Documentary on TOI
Times of India

Examining the legend of the Odiyan Clan 

Article on Odiyan Documentary in TOI

Sign of The Times


Set in a seemingly apolitical milieu of a tattoo artist and his clients, Tattoo, a short film written, directed, and produced by Novin Vasudev, evokes memories of an incident of political violence that shook Kerala a few years ago.

Article on Shortfilm Tattoo in The Hindu

Etchings of Pain


Memories cannot be erased, particularly when they are of a heinous and painful nature.


 When a person undergoes a traumatic experience during student life, it is likely that it remains etched in his/ her mind for a life time.

 The pertinent and contemporary theme of ‘branding’ on the body of students, is the plot of the 13-minute-28-second long film directed by Novin Vasudev.

Article on Tattoo Shortfilm in Indian Express

'Odiyan' returns

Odiyan is set to return in a different avatar—Iravilum Pakalilum Odiyan, a documentary on the myth of Odiyan, directed by Novin Vasudev.

Article on Odiyan Documentary in The Week
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