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Novin Vasudev's Biography


Novin Vasudev is an Indian filmmaker who has directed several notable short films and documentaries. He hails from the Indian state of Kerala and has made significant contributions to the film industry there.


One of his most notable works is the documentary film "Iravilum Pakalilum Odiyan," which explores the myth surrounding the Odiyan community in Kerala, India. The film delves into the legend of the Odiyan clan, who were believed to possess the ability to shapeshift and assume animal forms. The documentary premiered at the International Film Festival of India in Goa and was presented by veteran actor Mohanlal.


Novin Vasudev has made significant contributions to the television industry through his exceptional work as a television professional. With his creativity, talent, and dedication, he has successfully produced and directed popular shows, earning him a prominent place in the industry.

Novin Vasudev has worked with several esteemed television channels and has been associated with some of the most successful shows on Indian television. He has showcased his skills as a producer and director on channels such as Asianet, Flowers, Amrita TV. His work on these channels has helped him build a strong reputation in the industry.


Two of Novin Vasudev's notable achievements include the successful shows "Idea Star Singer" and "Television Promos." As the producer of "Idea Star Singer," a singing competition reality show, Vasudev played a pivotal role in its creation and execution. The show garnered immense popularity and became a platform for talented singers to showcase their skills.


In addition to "Idea Star Singer," Novin Vasudev has also made remarkable contributions to the television industry through his work as a producer of "Television Promos." This show showcased the creativity and artistry of promotional content for television programs, highlighting Vasudev's understanding of aesthetics and marketing strategy. Both these shows received prestigious awards like the Promax Awards, further highlighting their significance and impact in the industry.

In his role as a producer and director, Novin Vasudev has been responsible for overseeing the production, creative aspects, and overall execution of the shows he worked on. His meticulous planning, attention to detail, and ability to bring out the best in his team have resulted in highly successful and well-received shows.

The shows produced by Novin Vasudev have enjoyed massive popularity among the audience, gaining a strong fan base and positive reviews. His ability to curate engaging and captivating content has made his shows a must-watch for viewers. Novin Vasudev's contributions have not only entertained the audience but have also set benchmarks for innovation and quality in the television industry.

Novin Vasudev's exceptional work has earned him recognition within the industry. His contributions have been acknowledged with awards and accolades, further solidifying his status as a talented television professional. These additional awards are a testament to his skill, creativity, and dedication to his craft.

Novin Vasudev's journey in the television industry has been remarkable, with his talent and contributions leaving a lasting impact. Through his successful shows and recognition, he has displayed his ability to create engaging and high-quality content. Novin Vasudev's dedication to his work, coupled with his creative vision, has made him an influential figure in the television industry. His achievements exemplify his commitment to excellence and his immense talent in the field of television production and direction.


Novin Vasudev has also contributed to do PR and Social Media and Media support to Various brands like Hotel  Raviz and Double Horse in Kerala. He has extended technical media support to Political PR works for Central Minister V Muraleedharan and Actor turned Politician Suresh Gopi. 

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