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Novin Vasudev

Indian Filmmaker & Media Professional

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Indian Film Maker Novin Vasudev

Latest Works

Chinna Karuppu Samy

The shortfilm "Chinna Karuppu Samy" serves as a poignant portrayal of the caste, creed, and color discrimination prevalent in Tamilnadu society. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Tamil writer Perumal Murugan's story, it raises awareness about the societal issues that continue to oppress individuals based on their caste, creed, and color. By shedding light on these injustices, the shortfilm aims to ignite conversations, challenge biases, and promote inclusivity and equality within the Tamilnadu society.

Indian Writer Perumal Murugan

Perumal Murugan

Indian Film Maker Novin Vasudev

Novin Vasudev

Poster of Shortfilm Chinna Karuppu Samy
Our Landscape

Latest Works

Nabi Paranja Manushyan

That sounds like a wonderful and impactful project! Visualizing the words of Prophet Mohammad Nabi (SAW) through short videos is an innovative way to share his teachings and lessons with a wider audience. By presenting his words in a human drama format, it will likely create a more engaging and relatable experience for viewers.


Poster of Series Nabi Paranja Manushyan

Watch Now

A journey into the myth... the myth that had been created by human imagination and unavoidable social conditions, a myth that had been eliminated by modernism, the myth of Odiyan is thus here being revealed. 
"Iravilum Pakalilum Odiyan'' a documentary directed by Novin Vasudev


Praise & Reviews

Set in a seemingly apolitical milieu of a tattoo artist and his clients, Tattoo , a short film written, directed and produced by Novin Vasudev, evokes memories of an incident of political violence that shook Kerala a few years ago.

.... The director chooses to reveal the much discussed design at this juncture: the tattoo of a hammer and sickle. Later, a reference to the protagonist's past, in which he was victimised by a group of people blinded by ideology, helps us find the missing pieces.

Rasmi Binoy

What a Fantastic Experience! One has to see it and wonder what a film it is!

Noted Film Critic and Director K K Chandran on Novin vasudev's Shortfilm TATTOO

Media Consultant / PR Strategist

Novin Vasudev is working with Brands , Companies , Celebrities and Politicians as Media Consultant and PR Strategist 

Indian Film Maker Novin Vasudev

About Novin Vasudev

Novin Vasudev is an Indian filmmaker who has directed several notable short films and documentaries. He hails from the Indian state of Kerala and has made significant contributions to the film industry there. Novin Vasudev has made significant contributions to the television industry through his exceptional work as a television professional. His passion for cinema and storytelling are evident in all of his work.

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